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ATA Martial Arts Academy
1007 Waterdam Plaza Drive, McMurray, Pa. 724-942-9522

This is us....

The ATA Martial Arts Academy had a great time at this year's World Championships/Expo!   New Pics Coming soon!

Demo Team Canonsburg Independence Day Parade 2019

Demo Team Canonsburg Independence Day Parade 2019



Kids and Parents Buddy Day 9/19/2018




Fearless Karate Girls

I will practice in the Spirit of Taekwondo,
with Courtesy for Fellow Students,
Loyalty for my Instructor,
and Respect for my Juniors and Seniors

I shall live with Perseverance in the Spirit of Taekwondo
Having Honor with Others,
Integrity within myself,
and Self Control in my Actions

Each day I will live
By honoring my parents and instructors
Practicing to the best of my ability
and having courtesy and respect  for everyone I meet     

I promise to be a good person
To have knowledge in the mind
Honestly in the heart
Strength in the body
To make good friends
and to be a Black Belt Leader

Chardon Ohio Tournament October 2018

Your uniform represents your art and your school,
An unkempt and poorly maintained uniform shows disrespect for both.
This includes the proper attachment of all required patches and trim.
It uniform should be clean, neat, and odor free.

Wash you uniform in cold water.
Never use bleach! Bleach will cause patches to bleed and stain the uniform.
(If you need to whiten it a bit, use LaFrance in the wash water instead.)
Don't machine dry.  Drip dry is best.



Color Belt Ranking System and Forms

9th Grade White
Songahm 1

8th Grade Orange    7th Grade Yellow
Songahm 2 & 3

6th Grade Camo*       5th Grade Green
Form: Songahm 4 & 5

4th Grade Purple         3rd Grade Blue
In Wha 1 & 2

2nd Grade Brown R**     2nd Grade Brown D
Chung Jung 1

1st Grade Red R   1st Grade Red D
Chung Jung 2

1st Degree Black Belt R
Chung Jung 2 and
required previous forms

1st Degree Black Belt D***
Shim Jun

Basic Commands in Korean  
Char Reot - Attention
Kyeong Nae - Bow
June Bee - Ready
She Jahk - Start / Begin
Shi Uh - At Ease / Rest
Bah Ro - Return to Ready Position
Keu Mahn - Stop

What is Block Training?  You may notice that a student wearing
an Orange Belt may be performing the Yellow Belt Form.

This is Block Training.

To maximize the time the instructors may spend with a particular group of
students, certain ranks are grouped together, or "blocked."  The Orange &
Yellow Belts are combined in one block, learning the same form together.
So are the Camo & Green Belts, also the Purple & Blue Belts.

On one session the Orange & Yellow Belts will work on the Orange Belt
material together.  On the following session, they would perform the
Yellow Belt material.     Like This....

Session A
Orange & Yellow - Orange Belt material
Camo & Green -
Camo Belt material
Purple & Blue -
Purple Belt material

Session B
Orange & Yellow - Yellow Belt material
Camo & Green -
Green Belt material
Purple & Blue -
Blue Belt material