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Children's Programs  and Adult Programs

At the
ATA Martial Arts Academy
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Teen/Adult Taekwondo Program

The teen/adult training program is the result of extensive and careful consideration by the ATA.
As the result of research and practical experience, we have developed what we believe is the
finest method of training the adult student , regardless of age, available anywhere.
Unlike almost any other type of physical endeavor, martial arts has proven to be one of few,
if not the only physical and mental discipline that an individual can excel at for a lifetime.

Ages 13 and up.

Frequently Asked Questions from Adults:

Am I too old to train in Taekwondo?
No!  The program is for adult Men and Women of all ages!
You are trained as an individual . You are not compared to anyone else.  You train to the best of your ability. The benefits are beyond measure and will truly last a lifetime.

However, there is an age minimum.  Students signing up for the Tiny Tiger program must be four years old.  Not almost four. Four.

I'm a bit out of shape, can I do this?
No one is expected to be in top physical condition when starting.  Your level of fitness and skills will gradually increase as you train.  All students start at the basic level.  At high Black Belt rankings, a candidate will be required to pass a fitness examination before qualifying for higher rank testing.

I don't have a lot of flexibility, can I still learn martial arts?
While high flexibility is an asset, it is not a necessity.  In any case, just like your general fitness level, flexibility will increase with time.  We are not a "sport" Taekwondo.  Truly, a martial art system that can only be performed well at one age level is a poor martial art indeed.  Songahm Taekwondo is for all ages.

Is this just another "smile and sweat" training program?
No, there are benefits to martial arts training that go far beyond the workout floor...
Discipline, self-confidence, self-defense skills,  balance, conditioning, and more. This is not just another passing fad.

 Is Taekwondo an effective method of self-defense?
For centuries....yes!  Taekwondo techniques are proven to be effective.  In addition, at the ATA Martial Arts Academy, you will also learn other methods of self-defense, such as pressure point and joint lock techniques, just to mention a few.    

How does Self-Confidence develop with martial arts training?
You will learn how to set and achieve goals, developing discipline as you go along.  You will discover yourself developing greater abilities than you currently have.  You  will learn that you are able to accomplish these things.  This is where self-confidence comes from.  

 How is all this accomplished?
The training methods for Songahm Taekwondo by the American Taekwondo Association will take you from the most basic training to black belt level and beyond.  You begin as a white belt, and when you are able to demonstrate the skills associated with that level,  you may test for advancement to orange belt...and so on. With each belt level you will achieve a progressively higher level of training.  The ATA training system allows you to visualize your goals, set them, work at them, and accomplish them!  You will always be taught by instructors who are not only trained in their art, but are also trained to teach it.  

Who are Karate Kids?

Boys and girls from 7 to 12.
Children who don't want to be afraid and who need to grow up with self-confidence.
Children who deserve more from a sports program than sitting on a bench.

What about the younger children?
Children aged 4 to 6 have their own special program: The "Tiny Tigers."  (scroll down)
The Tiny Tigers have their own class with other kids their own age... where they can train at their own pace.

Why a Karate Program Exclusively for Kids? 
Because...Injury doesn't have to be a necessary part of learning.
Your kids can be taught not to be bullies.
Your kids can train with other children their own size, age, and maturity.

What are the Benefits of Karate for Kids?
Self Confidence - It doesn't come naturally for many children, but rather is developed over a period of time. As a child accomplishes new goals, his or her confidence level increases.  Children become more self confident in karate because they progress individually at their own pace and are not judged against others.

Self-Defense - Children's self defense takes many forms.  Karate teaches children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other kids.

Better Grades - Being a Karate Kid also means being a better student.  All kids in the Karate for Kids program learn skills, such as following directions, paying attention in class, and participate in class activities that help them to become better students.

Every Child Wins - In karate, every kid can be a winner instead of a bench sitter because karate allows children to reach for their own potential rather than directly competing against other kids.

Coordination - Karate challenges the entire body, developing coordination, balance, agility, and poise... qualities often neglected in many team sports available to children in the age group.

Fun - Karate lessons are a dynamic and challenging approach to the martial arts for children who are athletic, energetic, awkward, or shy, cold, nice, or maybe even a little wild once in a while...Karate is probably for a kid just like yours.

Upon reaching the age of 13, a Karate Kids student is required to move up to the Teen/Adult Program.


Who are Tiny Tigers?

Boys and girls from 5* to 6.

*The absolute minimum age is 4 years old.  Not almost 4.  The student must actually be 4 years old before he or she can begin training. Any prospective student under 5 years old will be considered only after evaluation.  We want to make sure the student is focused enough to follow the instructions of the staff.   

Following the same ranking system as Karate Kids, the Tiny Tigers learn the same material,
but at a pace more suited to their abilities to learn and perform.   Yes...they are actually learning the martial art!  This is not just a day-care program where the little ones run around in uniforms and yell.  

Tiny Tigers learn to watch and learn, acquiring Taekwondo skills by performing their techniques with the instructors.  The activities are designed to develop the child's ability to focus, follow directions, develop memory skills, and improve their motor skills in a safe environment, training with children of their own age.

When a Tiny Tiger becomes 7 years of age  they graduate into the Karate for Kids program...and continue on their path to Black Belt without any loss in rank